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Are you excited for warmer weather but dreading the sight of pollen? Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services can provide a helping hand. It’s exciting that the weather will be warm and the flowers will be blooming but the pollen left behind on your windows is not so exciting. Instead of rose colored glasses it’s as though you’re looking through nasty yellow tinted glasses. By the end of this article we hope you’ll have an understanding of the importance of window cleaning. If you’d like to speed things along and speak with someone instead, visit us online at or by phone at 804-256-3221.

How Often Should Your Windows Be Cleaned?

Window Cleaning Glen Allen is thorough and confident in what we do. When it comes to the environmental factors, your windows and a prime target to any debris, pollen or residue being left behind. It makes looking out the windows unappealing. Of course you’d like to just do it yourself but it’s time consuming and not very water friendly to your home. We bet you’d rather be spending time with friends and loved ones at the beach or out on the town. Weekends are made for relaxing, not catching up on household chores. Cleaning your windows can also cause an increased amount in your water bill. We can surely help you with these two issues.

It’s recommended to have a Window Cleaning Glen Allen service every month if your home or business is near the beach and three months for residential buildings. If you live in a residential area, we can surely arrange that. Our neutral pHwash leaves a film behind that fights off any residue that builds up on the windows. This film is not visible to the eye. It works like an invisible shield. Windex and other store bought cleaners use perfumes and other chemicals that leave behind streaks once the sun brings them to the surface Our solution is guaranteed to leave no streaks behind. We put in our best effort and research into finding the right solution.

What Does Our Cleaning Service Look Like?

Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services come out to your home or business and begin with a hand and squeegee dry. We use microfiber towels for the window sills and excess water from the windows. This process leaves behind streak free results. Our solution has anti static properties that will fight off outside influences after we have finished. We use an environmentally safe soap to ensure that all vegetation is left unharmed. When usual chemicals run off your building, they soak into the dirt around it causing your grass, flowers or vegetation to be harmed. If you have a garden, you don’t want your produce to soak in harmful chemicals that will kill growth or make you sick.

If you have taller windows that can’t be easily accessed, we are able to clean them with our deionized water fed poles. We soak all the windows and then use a brush and water pole to scrub and clean. Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen thinks it’s important to cover all the bases. Our high window cleaning service is completed with a deionized water rinse to ensure nothing is left behind. This service also cleans the frames and window sills. The high window cleaning service consists of a four filter system to deionize the water. One hose has the deionization filter, the other has an osmosis membrane filter and the other two hoses are carbon filters. This multi thousand dollar four hose system ensures that no debris is left behind.

Why Hire A Professional?

When it comes to booking with Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services the biggest benefit is that you save yourself time to go enjoy your days off. As humans we spend almost every minute of our lives busy with something. We can help take one thing off your plate to help you relax. Not to mention most household window cleaners leave an imperfect clean. Why do all the work to have improperly clean windows? Having clean windows leads to a longer window life. When dirt, debris and pollen buildup on your windows, it adds more weight to the glass leaving it weaker in the event of impact. Warmer weather means more storms and hurricanes which often leave debris flying to your windows and windowsill. When your windows are squeaky clean you can use them as a source of lighting instead of running the lights in your house. This can help save you money on your light bill. Bright sunny days should be spent with the windows open taking in the fresh air and sunshine.

Another wonderful benefit to having your windows properly washed is getting all the creepy crawlers out of your hard to reach areas. I personally hate spiders, the eight eyes and multiple legs creep me out. Having your windows properly cleaned removes any and all creepy critters from living in your windows. Black widows like to build their webs in dark areas that you cannot see. Windowsills, shutters and frames are the perfect places for these creepy crawlers to live. Black windows are highly dangerous and not something you want to risk exposing your family and loved ones to. If you’re like me and live in the middle of nowhere, I bet seeing bugs and other animals is more common than most people.

We understand you may still have more questions about the services surrounding Window Cleaning Glen Allen services. That’s why we have our wonderful customer service team ready to answer any and all questions you may have. They can walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. Our customer service team will even help you find the best rate. This way you’ll have more time and money to spend getting out in these beautiful seasons that are vastly approaching. If you’re ready to have your windows properly cleaned, look us up at or give us a call at 804-256-3221 and we will get out to your residence as fast as possible.