Why Should Windows Be Cleaned Regularly?

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window and Pressure Cleaning.

One of the first things you might notice on a house or building is its windows. Window Cleaning Greenville NC has you covered, and will leave your windows looking shiny and new. Our trained technicians will tackle even the toughest to reach windows and can guarantee that your windows will look better than anyone else has made them look. You can have a regularly scheduled appointment so that you don’t have to remember to book it. We will email and call you with a reminder when your service date is coming up, because we understand how hectic life is and how easy it is to forget appointments! We can make your windows shine and you won’t have to lift a finger, all for an average of $10 to $19 per window. Save yourself from the pain of having to replace your windows. Give us a call today at 252-565-4754 or schedule with us online at windowninjas.com.

What does the window cleaning process look like?

When Window Cleaning Greenville NC, we use a strict step by step process in order to provide the best results every time. Firstly, all windows are scrubbed down with a lambswool tool and soap, this helps ensure that no spots are missed. The windows are then dried using a squeegee. Lastly, our technicians use microfiber cloths to clean your window sills and get rid of any excess water. Our technicians follow these steps every single time so that the job is always done the same, and you get the best results. You should never have to worry about if your technicians are going to do the job the same way they did previously. Here at Window Ninjas we have a second process that we use for any tall glass or out of reach windows. For these more difficult jobs, our technicians use a deionized water fed pole. Deionized water is essentially purified water. Your windows are scrubbed with soap through a water fed pole and brush. The technicians clean all windows, frames, and sills with this tool. Following the soap and scrubbing, the job is finished with a deionized rinse to remove any soap residue. Both of these processes will leave your windows shiny and clean every single time.

What are the pros of window cleaning regularly?

Regular window cleaning may seem like a tall order to fill. Perhaps it seems like overkill. Or maybe it sounds like a waste of money. Window Cleaning Greenville NC is here to change your perspective on that. Regular window cleaning is crucial to the lifespan and upkeep of your windows. The biggest reason why you should keep your windows serviced regularly is that it is proven to extend the life of windows. Your windows will last longer and look crystal clear, saving you a pretty penny. Regular window cleaning will also benefit the inside of your property. When your windows are clean, it allows optimal natural light into the space. Natural light is known to improve mental health and physical well-being. Clean windows will also lower energy costs as you will not need to run as many lights to be able to see in your space. This can be beneficial to both businesses and residential homes. With clean windows on your business, it will make your business appear more professional, neat, and well kept. The natural light that clean windows create will also boost your customers mood, leading them to be more willing to spend their hard-earned money. Window cleaning for businesses is recommended to be done twice a month.

What are the benefits of letting a professional clean your windows?

We understand that Window Cleaning Greenville NC seems like it would be an easy DIY job. Every major grocery store chain has an aisle full of products to clean your windows. Every one of those products claims to be the best for your home. But the truth is, store-bought cleaners have dyes and perfumes and other additives that are bad for your windows. These cleaners will cause your windows to look foggy and streaky shortly after cleaning them. When it comes to Window Ninjas, our professional cleaning chemicals are free of any perfumes and dyes, leaving that crystal clear, classy look. If you use cleaners with dyes or perfumes, it can start to build up on your windows. Eventually, with too much built up on windows, you can no longer make them like new with a professional cleaning. The last thing you want to do is replace all of your windows simply because you cleaned them by yourself.

There is also a lot of opportunity to be injured while Window Cleaning Greenville NC by yourself. You can fall off of a ladder while cleaning your second story windows. You might use a chemical that is too strong and end up sick from working too closely without protection. So while you may have saved some money by doing the windows yourself, you end up losing more in the long run from either injury or illness. There is even the possibility of damaging your windows from cleaning them. You might accidentally lean the latter against it and it cracks. Or maybe the rag you are cleaning it with falls on the gravel and you think nothing of it. When you go to clean the window with it again, there are some rocks stuck to it and you scratch up your windows. There are many risks associated with an unprofessional cleaning, and they are never worth it.

Stop settling for less than perfect windows. Give Window Ninjas a call today at 252-565-4754 and let us take care of you. They say that time is money, so why not save both and let our professional technicians make your property shine? Once we are done with your home or business, your windows will be the brightest on the block. With Window Cleaning Greenville NC, you can improve your mood, lower your energy bills and carbon footprint, and enjoy spending the time and money you saved by doing something else. So sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle your dirty work. Schedule your appointment with us today at windowninjas.com.