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One of the first words that comes to mind when thinking about our business is classy. Window cleaning Hampstead is just that and much, much more. Being the best in the window cleaning business is hard work and it took many years of looking after our customers with diligence and striving for perfection around every corner. Customer satisfaction is perhaps one of our biggest accomplishments. Yes, we do indeed have many pros that are detail oriented at their trade and make window cleaning easy. But it took many hours of training and much effort to become great window cleaners to get so great. At Window Ninjas we strive to provide you with the very best service possible and the highest in quality workmanship because you deserve to be impressed. To reach us for a free no obligation quote give us a call at 910-538-4223 or feel free to stop by on our website to request a quote at

Window cleaning Hampstead is proud to serve you and to have thirty years of experience under our belts. We are fully insured and bonded and have commercial insurance. Our pros are highly trained and skilled. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. Our reviews speak for themselves, but do go ahead and take a peak at them on your own either on our website or check them out on Google. If you like what you see and want to go ahead with our window cleaning services, then we are glad to take care of you. One of our customer service representatives can answer your questions and get you on your way to having you scheduled with one of our pros. If you require additional information about our company, then you can find much more about us on our company website at Window Ninjas. We have a complete line of descriptions for all of the cleaning services that we provide and before and after photos of the work that we do. Our founder, Gabe Salinas, also has produced a video that introduces himself on our site. Read all about how we donate one dollar from each customer’s invoice to a global water initiative at that strives to give clean water to those in need across the world. We think that it is most important to help others that are less fortunate than ourselves. Hopefully, given this additional information about our company will help you to decide to move forward with our business.

Keeping Your Windows Clean

Window cleaning Hampstead services is one of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your windows. Removing the dirt and dust that has accumulated on them over time can cause damage if left to sit for too long. We recommend that you have window cleaning done twice a year to maintain your windows and keep them in good working order. Our pros not only clean the windows panes by hand, but they also clean around the windows to remove cobwebs and clean the window sills at the bottom as this is where much dirt gathers.

Our pros also inspect the windows for damage as they are cleaning them. If there is anything that you need notifying about, then our pros will definitely let you know so that those damages do not get out of hand or repairs can be made.

Window cleaning Hampstead cleans windows using a pH balanced window cleaning solution that removes dirt and dust. Are your windows full of dirty dog paw prints and nose prints? Are your little children making fingerprints, handprints, and putting food particles on your window panes? From the inside to the outside messes, such as bird spatterings and dirt and dust, the windows can look like a hot mess in the course of six months to a year. Our window cleaning solution is sure to wipe all the residues and make your windows sparkly and clear again.

Pro Advantages

Window cleaning Hampstead saves you time on window cleaning. Are you trying to figure out when you will have the time to clean your own windows? Many people find it hard to keep up with many of the tasks at home because work and family obligations are many. Finding time to just catch a break these days seems almost impossible. You can hire us to help you out while you catch up on some much needed rest or do some other less taxing chore.

Window cleaning can be hazardous if you need to use a ladder. Who doesn’t need to use a ladder to clean their windows? Only the folks that have tilt in windows that tilt both upper and lower sashes that is who. All of the rest of us get to use a ladder. With ladders comes ladder climbing. If you live in a home with multiple stories, then you have to have a ladder that is capable of reaching those other stories. We hope that you are not afraid of heights and juggling window cleaning supplies, because if you are then you might as well give us a call. It is not worth risking your life over trying to clean your own windows. We can save you from having an injury. Ladder injuries are the number one cause of injuries at home.

Give Us A Call

As you can see the classy folks at window cleaning Hampstead are well worth the effort to hire. We can accomplish much more than in the amount of time that it would take you to clean a few windows and with much more impressive results. Our window cleaning results will also last longer due to the pH balanced window cleaning solution that our company uses.

We promise that you will be one hundred percent completely satisfisfied with our window cleaning service. Give us a call right now at 910-538-4223 or you can find us on our website at