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If you are considering getting a window cleaning service soon, we know you have questions. You may even have concerns about the window cleaning Hampstead service, but you can stop worrying because that’s why we wrote this article. We want you to be informed and relaxed while we attend to your concerns. By the end of this article, you will likely have a better understanding of the answers to the questions concerning the window cleaning services that have been on your mind. You can also reach us by phone at 910-538-4223 or on our website at!

There are many benefits to getting a professional window cleaning Hampstead service, which we will go over in this article. Getting a window cleaning service will not only save you time and money, but will allow more natural light to enter your home and extend the life of your windows! With Window Ninjas and proprietary window cleaning solution, your windows are also guaranteed to stay cleaner longer than any other standard window cleaning solution. It’s environmentally safe, has a neutral pH and will leave an invisible shield on your windows repelling the dirt, dust , pollen and other particles.

What Are The Benefits?

Like I said before, getting a window cleaning Hampstead service will save you time and money. you no longer have to rent or buy the proper equipment and you won’t have to learn the proper techniques which can make the job take super long. Our technicians are well trained and what they do and are trained in all services so we know exactly what they are doing when they step foot onto your property. they’re very quick and efficient in what they do and make sure that everything is done not only to your high standards and ours but exceeds them as well.

Another big benefit of getting a professional Hampstead window cleaning service is the fact that you will get better results with no hard work on your end. There’s not a single reason why you should do a lot of hard work and put in all of that time and effort to clean your windows and get less than perfect results. Windex is exactly what you will get! we guarantee all of our results and our cleaning solution is better than any other on the market!

Getting your windows cleaned professionally will all extend the life of them as proper maintenance will make them last longer and look better throughout their life. it will enhance the interior environment of your home as well as allowing in more natural light lowering your energy costs and improving the air quality of your home.

How Is It Done?

by hand of course! For our standard Hampstead Window Cleaning Service we will clean all of your windows by hand and squeeze and dry leaving behind that Crystal Clear shine that Windex simply can not. Windex will leave streaks that are impossible to wipe away with just a paper towel but with our proprietary cleaning solution squeegees microfiber and huck towels, your windows will be left looking crystal clear! We use the microfiber towel for your cells and any excess water after the cleaning process and we will use a hook towel for detailing and getting any remaining water from the window itself. Window sills are included in the service however tracks and screens are a separate service.

We also have a deionized water fed pole window cleaning for your high glass. In this service all exterior windows are scrubbed and soaked down using a water fed pole and brush. This will clean more than just the glass, it also cleans the frames, sills and mullions. The process is completed with a deionized water rinse to ensure no debris, dirt or minerals are left on the glass allowing it to dry spot free. This is possible because we run the water through a four filter system that deionizes the water. It has two carbon filters, a deionization filter, and one osmosis membrane filter. When the water filters through these filters it removes all sediments in solids and cleans the water to 0 to 15 ppm. This is a multi thousand dollar system and it works great for accessibility of windows that are too high to reach or And hard to reach areas. Using the system in conjunction with our environmentally safe neutral pH soap will leave an invisible shield on your windows pulling the dirt dust and pollen like I was talking about before.

Why Choose Window Ninjas For Your Window Cleaning Hampstead Needs?

We’re all about helping the environment here at Window Ninjas and we want you to join us and help those around us and improving the environment. We donate $1 of every service that we do to because we believe in supporting organizations who help get back to their environment. They are currently on an amazing mission to deliver access to clean water to everyone around the world. We currently have about 10 locations with multiple trucks that do many jobs in a day meaning we bring home a ton of invoices and the dollars can add up quite quickly. With our donations to date we have helped change the lives of 1,640 people with lasting access to Safe water and sanitation. Schedule a window cleaning Hampstead service today and join our team in helping more of those in need of safe water and sanitation!

Final Thoughts:

When you need help in the decision-making process for your window cleaning Hampstead services, we are here to assist and inform you! We want to ensure you have the best of the best window cleaning service at your home, and this is just one way we do so. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may still have over the phone at 910-538-4223, or you can visit our website,, for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and getting your windows looking crystal clear for you!