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It’s good to be Window Ninjas when the reviews are shining!  Getting a window cleaning Hampstead service means that you are getting one with top notch reviews from a company with a five star rating.  Our customers love us and we love them back!  Getting these shining reviews takes hard work and effort on our part.  We do both commercial and residential work so that means we have a lot of customers that we have pleased with our shining window cleaning experience.  How many exactly is hard to say because we have been doing business for three decades, but I guess one could find out by checking the record books.  We do have many repeat customers of course because we are just that popular.  If you are looking to improve the look of your windows and are in need of professional window cleaning services, then look no further than the Window Ninjas.  Our company is fully insured and bonded and comes highly recommended.  Our talented pros got all of their knowledge from our founder who started out cleaning windows when he was only 17 years old.  To get the shining windows that you deserve to have give us a call right now at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our website at

Window cleaning Hampstead has the perfect window cleaning solution for you.  Shining windows start with the right window cleaning solution.  Our solution is pH balanced and is specifically designed to take away dirt and dust, fingerprints, nose prints, food residue, and paw prints without leaving behind and filmy residues so that your windows are sparkling clean.  We don’t use any over the counter window cleaners like Windex that claim to be streak free.  Anyone that has used it before or any other window cleaners knows that those promises are false.  If you have ever used our company’s service in the past, then you know that we are the best and our approach to window cleaning is far superior.  We clean windows by hand much like you do, but we use professional tools and cleaning supplies that are trade supplies of the pros.  Getting perfectly clean windows takes training and can not be done with any normal spray and wipe technique using a normal window cleaner from a bottle and a paper towel.  The effects are just not the same as the way we clean windows.  That is probably one of the main reasons that our reviews are so high!

Benefits of Hiring Pros

Professional window cleaning Hampstead services saves you time.  Window cleaning is not a quick task to do.  If you have ever done it, then you certainly know firsthand that it is time consuming to go from the inside and outside to get the look you are after.  Doing only one side of the window will just not do.  Now if you want to hire us to do just one side that is your prerogative, but we do not advise it if your windows are in dire need of cleaning.  Climbing up and down a ladder to get all of the windows done on the outside will also take up much time.

Professional window cleaning Hampstead services saves you from getting injured by being up on a ladder.  Climbing up to those second story windows is scary and not meant for everyone to do.  The higher you climb the waiver the ladder gets.  Trying to stay balanced on a ladder and clean windows takes a special kind of person who knows how to do it and is not afraid of heights.  We do not recommend that you risk injury trying to clean your windows if you are afraid of heights or have fallen from a ladder in the past.  It is better to stay safe than sorry.  Also the taller a ladder goes up, the heavier it is to carry.  Someone who is not strong enough is going to have a hard time maneuvering one of these ladders to reach second story windows and beyond.

Professionals window cleaning Hampstead service techs inspect windows for damage while cleaning them and report anything unusual back to the property owner.  If you are not trained on what to look for, then you will not know that your windows have any damage.  For instance, a window sill may be leaking and you might not even be aware of it because you haven’t noticed the window becoming fogging.  You probably thought that the window was just dirty.  This is another great reason to have your windows cleaned regularly.  Foggy windows in which the window sills have been broken can not be determined sometimes due to being dirty.

Clean Window Advantages

Clean windows draw in more natural light and can lower your monthly energy consumption.  Natural light is also good for your mood.  Of course, getting outside is the best way to get vitamin D, but on those days when the weather is cold sitting by a clean window is good enough until you can go back outside in the sunlight.

Clean windows boost the curb appeal of your property.  It does not matter if we are talking about your home or your business.  Having an eyecatching appearance draws in more people to your establishment.  It also tells people that you care about how your place looks.  If you have retail space or a restaurant this is especially important.  Folks do not want to step foot into a commercial property that looks bad on the outside because one can only imagine what the inside is going to look like.

Getting Ahold of Us

Window cleaning Hampstead services is easy and convenient to get ahold of and we would love to hear from you.  Our team of experts are reachable by phone at 910-538-4223.  We can also be found on our bright and shiny website at where you can request a free quote.