How To Achieve Beautiful Windows

This article was written for Window Ninjas Window And Pressure Cleaning.

Are your windows looking dusty or yellow? Window Cleaning Hampton can help you achieve beautiful, clean windows. Having your windows professionally cleaned at least once every three months is more important than you may think. Throughout this article we would like to take the time to inform you of these important reasons. If you’re ready to go ahead and schedule your Window Cleaning Hampton service, you can reach us at or give us a call at 757-785-5850.

What Is Our Tried And True Technique?

Window Cleaning Hampton services clean your windows by hand in our standard cleaning package. We use a lambswool cloth to soap down the windows. Once they have been scrubbed we squeegee them dry. Once they are squeegeed we use a microfiber cloth to get the excess water from the sills of the window. Our final step uses a huck towel to detail your windows and remove any water droplets from the window. This will leave your windows streak free.

We also have a method for windows that are hard to reach due to height. This service uses our deionized water fed pole. This pole consists of two carbon filters, one deionization filter and one osmosis membrane filter. We use this pole to soap down the windows and then scrub them with the deionized water fed pole and brush. Once this process is finished we use a deionized rinse to make sure nothing is left on the glass. This process leaves your windows looking brand new. These two methods combined with our cleaning agent leave an invisible shield on your window.

Our cleaning agent leaves an invisible shield on your windows that helps repel dirt, pollen, bugs and other debris from forming in your windows after we are gone. This cleaning agent is streak free and much more effective than windex or other store bought cleaners. Store bought cleaners are filled with dyes and perfumes that are brought to the surface when the sun hits them. This is why they leave streaks behind. Commercial window cleaners can also strip the natural barrier of glass and weaken your windows. Having a Window Cleaning Hampton service will extend the life of your windows and prevent any damage from occurring.

The Benefits Of Professional Window Cleaning

Having a Window Cleaning Hampton service saves you lots of time. No more toting around a ladder, bucket and squegee. You can just leave that to us at Window Cleaning Hampton. It can also save you money since you won’t have to constantly run the water from your home. You won’t have to rent or buy the proper equipment needed to get the job done right the first time. Our services leave perfect results once we are finished. When using incorrect techniques you won’t get the same results as you would with a professional cleaning.

When you have a Window Cleaning Hampton service, you are able to use more window light. When your windows are properly cleaned and stream free, you’re able to let in more light to brighten your home. This is a wonderful alternative to electric lighting. Saving money on your energy bill is also a huge benefit. Natural light can improve your mood and air quality. Improved air quality is incredibly important to you and your family. Being able to watch the sunset through a streak free window is one of the things I love most. Even just watching the birds through the window while I do my work.

Why Are We The Best

Window Cleaning Hampton services have amazing reviews in almost all areas that we service. You can see for yourself by just googling us. This is why the internet is a wonderful tool that you have at your disposal. In past times, you really only had word of mouth to rely on. Your coworkers, friends and family would give you their opinions and recommendations. Now you can see what strangers’ opinions and experiences were like working with our company.

We also have a wide range of other services you can count on us for. We are available for dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping, gutter cleaning and pressure washing. You won’t have to call a bunch of different companies to book the services you need. You can call us for all your outdoor needs. We are a reliable, fully insured and bonded company. Window Cleaning Hampton has ourselves and you protected in the event any accidents. Our company is completely professional and does not believe in cutting any corners. We don’t want you to take the risk of hiring someone without the right qualifications. You could end up liable if they don’t have the right qualifications or equipment to get the job done.

How To Schedule Your Service

You can begin scheduling your service with a phone call to our wonderful sales representative team. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your service. Once your concerns have been addressed, we will book your service at the most convenient date for you. We will give you a reminder email two days before your service and also a reminder phone call the day before your service. If you happen to not be home when we arrive we can easily send you before and after pictures of our work.

We hope you found this article to be informative and helpful. Having a Window Cleaning Hampton service is much more beneficial than having to clean your windows yourself. It is safer and more cost efficient on your wallet and both your water and energy bills. Saving money on bills is a slam dunk for you in every aspect. You’ll also be saving yourself so much time on your day off. You can spend the day relaxing and having a good time with family rather than catching up on chores around the house. When you’re ready to book your Window Cleaning Hampton service, you can reach us at or by phone at 757-785-5850.