Window Cleaning Leland | An Outstanding Experience

This content was written by Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 

Window Ninjas can provide you and your family with an outstanding window cleaning Leland service! Our company has over 25 years of experience in the service industry and we have a large team of professionals who are dedicated to making sure that all of our customers are provided with nothing short of the best customer service experience. Window Ninjas believes that good customer service, alongside good service quality is what makes us unique to other service companies. We believe that you will know exactly what we mean by this once you have your window cleaning Leland service provided by us. If you would like to speak with someone about what exactly our window cleaning Leland service entails, please feel free to contact us any day, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. Our office phone number is 910-538-4223. If you are interested in a window cleaning Leland service and it is outside of our business hours, you may also visit our website at and fill out a service request form. 

When you decide to go to our website and fill out a service request, this will notify our office team members and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. We urge you to ask us any questions that you may have because we are here to serve you and help you as much as possible. I also personally recommend that you visit our website, regardless of if you fill out a service request form. This is because you will find photos of some of our previous work that we have completed, as well as some customer reviews! You will quickly see and understand why we are such a highly rated business. 

Window Ninjas has a great team of service technicians who are not only experienced and knowledgeable in the work that they will be providing you with, but they also are trustworthy and dependable. Something that I believe is always worth mentioning and putting out there is the fact that Window Ninjas is a fully bonded and insured service company. What does this mean for you? Well, when you hire a fully bonded and insured company, you are protecting yourself and your family from any potential losses or damages that could occur, theoretically. Window Ninjas is also completely protected, meaning that our service technicians and equipment are all covered as well. Basically, everyone involved in the job is protected from any potential losses or damages. Personally, this is something that I look for when I am looking to hire somebody to come and service my home. Many people will not hire a company that is not bonded and insured and it is completely understandable. So many things could go wrong by doing so. I have witnessed it several times. Thankfully, I have always been cautious about who I hire so I have not experienced it first hand, but I know that I do not wish to do so. 

Window Ninjas is a legitimate and trusted company that you can always depend on. We will always go above and beyond to service you, your family, and your home. When you hire Window Ninjas for your window cleaning Leland service, you will not be disappointed. Please also keep in mind that we offer multiple services to our customers and we can provide these services in the same day if given the opportunity to do so. Please feel free to check out some (or all) of those services on our website at 

Window Ninjas will make your windows look brand new and we will not leave any streaks. The formula that we use is environmentally friendly and it will not leave any streaks, stains, or smudge marks. Another benefit about the formula that we use is that it will leave a clear protective film on your windows. This will make your windows easier to clean in the future and it also helps by repelling (not preventing, but it does help.) fingerprints, nose marks from our furry friends, pollen, dust, dirt, and all of the other grime that windows and glass tend to pick up and collect over time.

When you choose Window Ninjas for your window cleaning Leland service, you are choosing, in my opinion, the best company around. I am not just saying this because I work here, but because I am able to see everyday just how excellent our customer service is. I genuinely do not believe that you will find service like ours anywhere else in the area. Now, I could be wrong, but I have had personal experiences with other service companies coming out to my home and they did not even come close to providing me with the customer service that we provide here. Sure, the service technicians were nice, but they usually seemed rushed and uninterested; almost as if they did not enjoy or appreciate their job. This is not something that you will ever have to worry about when working with Window Ninjas. 

We will always make sure that your home is completely taken care of before we leave your property. Obviously, this means that we will take care of what we are hired for and we hope that the service that we provide to you will exceed your expectations. Window Ninjas has an awesome team of customer service representatives who are ready to help you get your home looking new again! Please give us a call at 910-538-4223 if you are ready to set up an appointment with us, or if you have any questions that we may be able to help you with. Our customer service representatives can also be reached through our website by going online and filling out a service request form at Someone from our office team will be notified and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you!