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Our reviews are impressive! Window cleaning Leland wants you to be a part of our growing review rage. Do you want to be impressed with beautiful window cleaning? We thought so or you would be online searching for someone to hire to work for you. One of the best ways to get a great company is to look for the ones with the highest ratings because those are due to their great reviews. As you can already guess our reviews are high and that means our ratings are too! We have high reviews because we know how to clean windows like no other business in the Leland area. Our customers also love us because we stand behind the work that we do. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! To contact our company give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our website at for a free no obligation quote.

Window cleaning Leland has been in the business of window cleaning for thirty years. Our founder, Gabe Salinas, started out when he was only 17 years old. His mission was to provide the best in customer service and the highest level of workmanship around. He did all of that and much, much more. Not all companies are like us. Our company is fully insured and bonded and we carry commercial insurance. All of our employees are highly trained and skilled at what they do. Getting windows absolutely pristine can be a challenge, but we do it all of the time. Our company is also highly rated and extremely sought after. We know what it takes to make windows look great and provide customers with what they want. Our window cleaning service is second to none.

Basic Window Cleaning The Window Ninjas Way

At window cleaning Leland we clean all windows by hand. It is impressive to watch and it is not done the way the average homeowner cleans a window. We do not use spray window cleaners and paper towels. We use scrubbers designed for window cleaning, squeegees, and microfiber towels to get the results we achieve. We also use a pH balanced window cleaning solution that is unlike any other and is only available to professional window cleaners.

Our pros wipe down the window sills as dirt settles here and can cause damage. We will also clean your window screens at your request for an additional charge per screen. Watching our pros do window cleaning is a true art form. It can be done with ease and efficiency. In the amount of time that it takes you to wash a few of your windows by hand our pros can have many times that done in the same amount of time. It is really amazing to watch. And our windows look better because they will be streak free, free of watermarks, and they will not have the filmy residue left behind by those over the counter window cleaners.

Advantages of Pro Window Cleaning

One of the best advantages of getting your windows cleaned by window cleaning Leland is the amount of time we can save you. Window cleaning is tedious work. Depending on the type of windows that are in your home it can be quite a job. For instance, if you have divided light windows with multi panes, then you have got your work cut out for you. These types of windows take the absolute longest to clean.

Window cleaning prevents damage from happening. Letting dirt sit for too long can wear out your window panes by letting corrosion happen and dirt can destroy the window frames. Windows are expensive and unless you are interested in spending a ton of money on getting yours replaced or repaired due to neglect then go right ahead. But you can save yourself a lot of money by just being proactive and taking care to have them cleaned twice a year as recommended.

Window cleaning Leland service pros hinder you from having to climb ladders. If you are unsure about being high up and juggling window cleaning tools, then don’t take the risk. Perhaps you are afraid of heights or have fallen off of a ladder in the past. It is not worth risking yourself when our pros are available to you. You should not be up a roof either if you don’t have to be. Let a professional do this for you.

Other Benefits

Window cleaning gives your home a boost in curb appeal and who doesn’t like that? Just kidding, we all do need some impressive curb appeal. Clean windows mean great shiny curb appeal.

Removing the dust from the interior of your windows helps to cut down on allergy symptoms. As we enter into the spring season it is even more important for those who suffer from dust and pollen allergies to be more vigilant about controlling the dust in their environments. As dust does collect on your window panes it only makes good common sense to have it cleaned away so that you can breathe easier.

Window cleaning allows more natural light to enter your home. This is great for two reasons. One is so that your home can become heated up by the sun shining through on a cool day. This way you don’t burn as much energy using your home’s heating system. The other reason is that natural light is great for improving a person’s mood. If you are prone to depression or have those seasonal allergies that we were just talking about, then being inside can have some downfalls. But having your windows cleaned can perk you up by sitting next to them to absorb some of those sunny rays!

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