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Have you always dreamed of living the life of a celebrity? Well it turns out that while you may not be able to achieve their three story closets or luxurious vehicles, you can have windows that sparkle just as bright by calling the Window Ninjas for your window cleaning mount pleasant service today. Our team will work diligently to ensure that regardless of how big or small your home is, that your windows are the cleanest around. Make sure to give our team a call at 843-790-8447 or visit us online at 

The Window Cleaning Mount Pleasant service is the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve their dream home. If you’ve always looked at those houses on HGTV, or on MTV Cribs and wondered how in the world you can achieve that, then look no further. Turns out it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, if it’s red or blue, if it’s one story or two, what really matters is that you have the cleanest windows on the Block. Shiny windows will earn you respect in your neighborhood and from all guests and visitors that approach your home. And those are the key to any home, and all homes have Windows. Well unless you live in a dungeon. Those of us who choose not to live in dungeons, it’s important to have those windows clean or the natural Lighting in our rooms can actually start to feel dungeon-like.

The buildup of dirt, dust, pollen, and other substances on our windows can block natural light from entering into our homes. This can prevent worms from entering and also leave our homes feeling very dark and dingy. This is definitely not the vision that the HGTV television shows so effortlessly portray. Instead, if you look closely you can see that their Windows have been professionally clean and the natural light is always a selling point for potential buyers. Our window cleaning Mount Pleasant service prioritizes making your home shine. Natural light brings warmth into the home, and also lowers your overall energy cost. The Window Ninjas specially balanced pH solution also ensures that your windows stay cleaner longer. This solution has anti-static properties that actually repel any dirt dust and other substances from clinging to your windows. This means that you’ll be saving money in the long run and have cleaner windows for a longer amount of time. 

By scheduling in our window cleaning Mount Pleasant service, you are also investing in the life of your windows. By maintaining proper window care, you’re also ensuring that your windows last longer and need to be replaced less frequently. With a combination of money that you’ll be saving from last week on Windows cleanings, and lower energy costs, you may actually be able to achieve one of your celebrity dreams after all. Maybe you can splurge on designer shoes, or really treat yourself to a brand new car. We promise we won’t judge you for any decision you make, but will be happy that you were saving money and have clean windows in the process.

The Window Ninjas are well equipped to take care of all of your window cleaning needs. We can take care of any home of any size and any color. We do not discriminate! For those hard-to-reach windows that are very high up, we have a special deionized water fed pole. This is used for high glass in combination with our specially balanced and environmentally friendly pH solution, to give you the cleanest Windows possible. You can rest assured that all those celebrities are not getting their hands dirty and using all those Windex and paper towels from trying to scrub their windows clean. Instead they’re hiring professionals like us to get the job done.

But having your windows professionally cleaned by the Window Ninjas, you are also increasing your overall curb appeal of your home. Those of us who are trying to achieve that HGTV Dream, curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of the house. You might try investing in expensive plants, even though we know you don’t have a green thumb, and struggle to keep them alive in order to maintain this dream. However, when do ninjas have a much easier solution? Instead of trying to revamp your Landscaping, simply invest in our window cleaning Mount Pleasant service and you will see just how quickly your curb appeal increases. The dirt and film on your windows will disappear and your windows will become a huge selling point for your home.

 The Window Ninjas Pride themselves on customer service and providing a five-star experience for the customer. If you don’t believe us you can take a look at our Google reviews online and you will see how customers just like you have had positive experiences with our company. We are cold only to the highest of standards, and all of our technicians are properly trained and provided with the necessary knowledge on how to professionally clean your windows before ever stepping foot on your property. They will arrive promptly, in a clearly marked van, and in full uniform. There will be no question as to who these people are, as you will know right away that these are the window none. Our customer service team will work tirelessly to make sure that we find an appointment that fits your needs. They will provide you with a reminder call before your service is about to begin in case you may have forgotten, and they will follow up after your service is complete to see how your experience was.

Our window cleaning Mount Pleasant service is the perfect fit for anyone looking to improve their curb appeal and increase their home’s value. Allow us to make your Home HGTV worthy and comparable to those of the celebrities. If this sounds intriguing to you, then make sure to call our Window Ninjas at 843-790-8447 or visit us online at