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Have you ever wondered how the window cleaning process is done? Window Cleaning Mount Pleasant is a step-by-step process that our technicians follow every single time to ensure the same outcome every single time. With our tech’s commitment to standards and accuracy, we can guarantee that the job will always be done right. So stop stressing about how you are going to reach those second and third story windows. let the professionals take charge. Visit our website at or give us a call at 843-790-8447, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Why is DIY window cleaning bad?

Window Cleaning Mount Pleasant may be really tempting to DIY, but it is never recommended. Window cleaning is actually more dangerous than most people know. The most obvious danger is that most window cleaning services need a ladder of some sort to reach second or third story windows. Falling off of a ladder is a very dangerous situation. You could end up injured or worse. Another reason why DIY Window Cleaning Mount Pleasant is bad, are the chemicals that are used. Most local or chain grocery stores will sell window cleaners. What they won’t tell you, though, is that store-bought window cleaners are full of dyes and perfumes that will worsen the condition of your windows. These dyes and perfumes can build up over time and cause a nasty film on your window. They also include chemicals that can be harmful to pets, young children, and plants. The last thing you want to do is make your loved ones sick because you decided to clean your own windows. You also run the risk of permanently damaging your windows when cleaning them by yourself. When windows are not cleaned right, it will make it harder for a professional to clean them in the future. Some windows end up so dirty that they are not cleanable. These windows will have to be fully replaced. On average, it costs about $8,000 to $10,000 to replace a house’s windows in their entirety. This is a lot of money to spend, all because it might have been easier to clean them yourself.

What are some pros of professional window cleaning?

There is a long list of upsides when professionally Window Cleaning Mount Pleasant. The biggest upside is the amount of time and energy you will save by letting somebody else handle that dirty work. Instead of spending a whole afternoon scrubbing the inside and outside of every window on your home or business, you can take that time to spend it with your family or loved ones. Nothing is better than not having to stress about household chores, and being able to enjoy some fun with friends. Another benefit of letting a professional Window Cleaning Service tackle your windows is the mood benefits. A professional window cleaner will clean them much better than any store-bought cleaner ever could. Clear windows help to produce more natural UV rays. Natural UV rays are known to produce major mood and health benefits. So when your windows are crystal clear, you will get an abundance of natural light in your home or business, boosting your mental well-being. Amazingly enough, clean windows will actually save you money on your power bill. The main reason lights are run inside of a house or business is due to lack of sunlight. When your windows are perfectly clean, the sun has plenty of access to your dwelling. Thanks to the abundance of sun, You will not have to run as many lights in your place at a time. This is both good for the environment and your wallet.

How is window cleaning done?

Here at Window Ninjas, we clean windows in the most effective and efficient ways possible. There are two different ways that we clean windows here. The first way of cleaning them is a standard window cleaning. This type of service is used for any run of the mill residential or business windows that are easy enough to access. The windows are soaked down by hand and scrubbed with lambswool. The windows are then dried using a squeegee. Our technicians then use a microfiber cloth to clean up your window sills and soak up excess water. And the last step is using a huck towel to detail your windows and dry up any remaining water droplets or spots. This method ensures that no spots are missed and your windows are scrubbed, rinsed, buffed, and shined to perfection.

Our second method of window cleaning is reserved for high up glass and harder to reach window panes. Our technicians are well trained in using what is called a deionized water fed pole. When Window Cleaning Mount pleasant, this deionized pole will come in handy. Sometimes using a ladder can be dangerous for our technicians, so instead of climbing something tall they just use an expandable and retractable pole to complete the job. Your windows are soaked down and scrubbed with a brush and the water fed pole. This cleans frames, window sills, and mullions. The second step of this process is rinsing the windows with deionized water to remove any suds, grime, or dirt left on your windows. These windows air dry as it is unsafe to hand dry them with a towel due to their location. The most important part of our window cleaning process, though, is the cleaning agent that we use. Our cleaning agent leaves an invisible shield on all of your windows. This shield repels fingerprints, dust, dirt, and pollen. Once there is a shield on your window it should not get dirty nearly as fast as it would without the shield. Our company has over 30 years in the window cleaning business, so we have learned a thing or two about using the best technology and how to maintain great efficiency.

With high-end technology and tons of training, it simply isn’t possible to beat Window Cleaning Mount pleasant. We are dedicated to service and satisfying our customers to the best of our ability. We will stop at nothing short of perfection. Window Ninjas has your back for all of your window cleaning needs. You can reach us at 843-790-8447 to talk to one of our in-house call center representatives, or you can schedule a service online at Whichever way you choose, we are excited to hear from you!