What Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

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It is not yet officially spring, but it sure has felt like it lately. At window cleaning Myrtle Beach we have been getting plenty of calls asking about our window cleaning services. The hot question of the day is “how much will it cost to get window cleaning done”? We do both commercial and residential window cleaning so we are just going to discuss the aspects of residential window cleaning with you. Window cleaning costs can vary on several factors. Those include the type of window (divided light window, double-hung window, picture window, crank out, transom, arched), how big the window is, and where the window is located. For now, we will talk about a regular double-hung window that can be found in many homes. These are the windows that slide up and down. Some are stationary on the top and only the bottom sash goes up and down. Nevertheless, this double-hung window type will cost about $8 to clean on the outside and an additional $2 to clean on the inside. This is an industry standard in our area. Give us a call at 843-212-0794 or stop by online at windowninjas.com.

Window cleaning Myrtle Beach can provide you with a firsthand quote by coming to your home and counting all of your windows up for you and determining exactly the types of windows contained in your home. This is the best means of providing a more accurate cost to you for window cleaning. We can also try to price the windows for you over the phone by having you count your windows, thus giving you an estimate. Do note that a quote and an estimate are different in that a quote is more accurate as one or our team members has taken a look at the job at hand and counted and confirmed the window types and quantity.

Window Ninjas

Our company has been cleaning windows for three decades and has tons of knowledge. As a matter of fact our founder, Gabe Salinas, was only 17 years old when he started out as a window cleaner himself. Being an entrepreneur sure had its ups and downs, but as you can see it certainly paid off. We are fully insured and bonded and have commercial insurance. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. As an added benefit to you we are locally owned and operated. We know the area firsthand and our customers are used to seeing our trucks around the city. All of our employees are exemplary. We only hire the very best to work for window cleaning Myrtle Beach.

Our mission is to provide you with excellent customer service and great high quality work. Our company is different from others. We take one dollar from every customer’s invoice and donate it to a global water initiative that strives to provide clean water to those in need around the world. Water.org is an organization that we feel is worth our time and effort as we have been very fortunate to live in a society that has so much provided to us.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning pros can help keep your windows damage free and keep them well maintained. Dirty windows will break down over time. Did you know that dirt is corrosive to a window and causes scratches and etching on glass? By having your windows cleaned regularly you can avoid this and more such as watermarks from sprinkler systems that are pointing in the wrong direction or too close to the house.

Windows that are clean require less cleaning. Did you know that there are other dirty window offenders besides fingerprints that are causing your windows to be dirty? Using candles, cooking, turning on the fireplace, and smoking cause a dirty film buildup on your windows. This can be removed with regular window cleaning by our pros at window cleaning Myrtle Beach. Even your pets can create nose prints, drool, and pawprints on your windows just as much as your small children are making their fingerprints and lick marks.

Window cleaning also boosts curb appeal and helps first impressions. We love seeing windows pop and shine. Dirty windows and dirty window screens dull your windows and make them look lackluster. If you want to get your home noticed, give your windows a pro cleaning.

How clean a window is will directly impact how much natural light filters in. Dirt stops the light from coming inside much like having a shade or curtain drawn over your windows. If you want to improve the amount of light and warmth coming into your home, then get your windows cleaned. Plus, the improvement in natural light will improve your mood and help you and your guest to feel more relaxed.

Did you know that keeping your windows clean protects energy efficiency? Those Low-E coatings and Low-E insulations that windows have on them can work as they are intended to when the dirt and dust has been cleaned away. This is another great reason to have the pros at window cleaning Myrtle Beach provide a service for you. You know when your windows are working effectively that your energy bills will not be as high in the winter time when the days are cold and dreary, because natural light can help to heat it up.

Contacting Us

We know by now that you have probably decided to contact our amazing team at window cleaning Myrtle Beach for services at your home. We are time saving, damage prevention for your windows, energy efficiency improvement, curb appealing, mood boosting, cost effective and much, much more. In the grand scheme of things, we are your best bet against all of the elements that can dull the look of your windows and make life challenging. Give us a call and get your windows back on the right track at 843-212-0794 or stop by on our website at windowninjas.com.