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Have your windows taken a beating this winter, or even over the last several years? A window cleaning Raleigh service is a great way to shine them up, and give yourself a breath of fresh air this Spring. Spring cleaning time is right around the corner! We know you have questions first though, and that is what this article is here for. To help inform you about window cleaning services so that you can feel confident making the decision to hire a professional. And when you would like to book an appointment with Window Ninjas, give us a call at 919-867-6276 or check out our website at

What Does A Window Cleaning Service Entail?

I can’t tell you what other companies do for your window cleaning Raleigh service, but I can tell you what Window Ninjas does! Our team cleans your windows by hand. I know, dreamy right? Our technicians use lambswool tools to soap down your windows first. Then they use a squeegee to wipe them dry. They use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess water and to clean the window sills. Our techs are also equipped with huck towels to detail the windows and ensure that you always get that spot free shine that our team is known for!

What About Tracks and Screens?

As I previously mentioned, the tracks are not included in the “standard” window cleaning Raleigh service. You’re probably thinking “what the heck is the track?” Or even “what is the difference between the sill and the track?” I know it all seems like “lingo” to any of us not trained on window cleaning, or even in the know about windows. (Don’t feel bad, I had no idea what the difference was before working at Window Ninjas either.)

The window sill is the part of the window that you would probably think of as the “ledge.” The sill is the bottom part of the window between the glass and the screen, that helps move water to the outside of the window.

The window track is the part where the window slides either upward and downward, or from side to side (if you have sliding windows.) Cleaning the track is an additional service as it takes a bit more time and effort than just cleaning the sills.

Also, screens are a separate service as well. Again, screens take extra time and effort to clean. We can wash them down with a light scrub and rinse, and then replace them with this additional service.

If you are looking for a deep clean with your window cleaning Raleigh service after pollen season is finished, adding on the tracks and screens is a great way to give yourself a breath of fresh air this Spring!

How Much Does A Window Cleaning Raleigh Service Cost?

We know price matters. Whether it’s for your window cleaning services, your hair salon, or even getting your house painted! Price is a key factor in a lot of home maintenance decisions. And that’s okay. We are always upfront and honest with our customers. We may not always be the cheapest option, but we always provide amazing results that outshine our competitors!

We base our pricing on several things:

  • The type of windows you have.
  • How many windows you have.
  • Outside only cleaning or both interior and exterior cleaning.
  • If your windows require extra elbow grease because of hard water stains or oxidation.

The average Raleigh window cleaning costs about $250 – $450. We typically charge between $10 – $19 per window.

There Are A Couple Of Ways To Get Pricing For Your Service.

First, you can use this information to give yourself a rough idea of how much you may be spending. If you feel like going through and counting the windows in your home and multiplying that by $14, that may give you a pretty rough idea. Or you can give us a call and one of our sales representatives can help give you a phone estimate! Our sales team is knowledgeable and is here to help. They can ask you some questions to get an idea of how many windows you have, and what type of windows you have. They may even try to find a good picture online so they can check it out themselves if you have no idea about either of those things. They can use the information they learn from you, or online photos, to give you an estimate of your Raleigh window cleaning costs.

If you want firm pricing, our area manager would be more than happy to come out to your property to provide a complimentary quote. Our area manager oversees the technicians, and is there to provide quotes for our residential and commercial customers. He can arrange a time to meet with you if you prefer to be home for the quote, or he can stop by any time in the next 48 hours! The area manager just needs to walk the outside of the property to see what kind of windows you have, how many windows there are, and let you know if there are any windows with hard water stains or oxidation that will need a more intensive cleaning. They will then send over the pricing to our sales team (or let you know if you are on-site with them), and then our team will reach out to you to go over that pricing and get an appointment scheduled.

Let’s Get Something On The Books!

Hopefully this article has given you some confidence in making a decision for your window cleaning Raleigh needs. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to our team! You can reach our team by calling 919-867-6276 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Or you can send our team a service request anytime through our website at, then our sales team will reach out to you as soon as they are available to do so!