Hiring A Pro Versus DIY

This article was written for Window Ninjas Window And Pressure Cleaning.

Spring is finally in the air and so is pollen! Window Cleaning Simpsonville services can help you this spring to maintain clean windows. There are so many benefits to having your windows cleaned by a professional. Throughout this article we would like to inform you of these benefits. It may surprise you to learn of all the wonderful things proper window cleaning can benefit. If you happen to want to speed things along and book a service, you can visit windowninjas.com or give us a call at 864-558-7758.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning Simpsonville recommends having your windows professionally cleaned once a month if you happen to live by the beach. If you live in a more residential area then we recommend a quarterly service. Quarterly is every three months out of the year. We use an anti static, environmentally safe, neutral pH formula. This solution leaves an invisible shield on the windows. Our invisible shield fights off dirt, dust, pollen and any other debris. That way when we are gone our agent will help keep your windows cleaned.

Having your windows professionally cleaned lets in more natural light. You can use natural light instead of electricity to light your home during the day. This will save you money on your energy bill. Natural light is beautiful and can promote happiness. I am currently using natural light in my home instead of electricity. Regular store bought cleaners do not work as well as our solution. They end up leaving a streaky look which means you have to clean them more often. The dyes and perfumes in store bought cleaners are pulled to the surface by the sun. This is what creates the streaky look. Our solution is free of all dyes and perfumes.

Window Cleaning Simpsonville services can help prolong the life of your window. When build up occurs on the glass it weighs on the glass which weakens over time. Your frames, sills and mullions will be properly cleaned which also extends the life of them. This means you won’t have to replace any glass faster than you’re supposed to. You can even improve your air quality by getting a professional cleaning.

What Our Service Provides

Window Cleaning Simpsonville services have two ways of providing a thorough cleaning. Our standard window cleaning provides lots of elbow grease from us. We use our solution and hand wash all windows and window sills. We use a lambswool tool which provides a nice, deep scrub and then squeegee dry the windows. To ensure we have a complete dry, we use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess water on the window sills.

Our high glass and hard to reach window cleaning service is a bit different. We use the same solution and inject it into our deionized water fed pole. This machine consists of a four filter deionization system. This consists of one osmosis membrane filter, one deionization filter and two carbons filters. We begin by soaping your windows and then scrubbing them with a brush. Our water fed pole will be combined with this process. After your frames, windows and sills have been soaped and scrubbed, we finish with a deionization rinse. This removes anything left from the glass and leaves a streak free shine behind.

Having a Window Cleaning Simpsonville service saves you time and money. Window cleaning yourself can be very time consuming. You have to carry around a ladder everywhere and bring the bucket and squeegee with you. This is a huge hassle that we can help you avoid. The last thing you want to do when you get off work is haul around a bunch of items around your house. Spending two hours or more, tiring out your arms and mind is the last thing I bet you want to do on your day off. It can also raise your water bill. Having to fill up buckets of water and then rinse your windows afterwards uses many gallons of water.

Hiring a professional also ensures that you have someone using the right techniques. Window Cleaning Simpsonville services use our tried and true methods to provide the most efficient service we can. We want your windows to look perfect. Lots of trial and error has gone into finding the perfect way to clean windows. Our results are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Our invisible shield will help keep your windows clean longer. It is also environmentally friendly. Your vegetation, grass and flowers will be left unharmed and as pretty as it was before we arrived.

How To Book A Window Cleaning Service

You can begin booking your service with Window Cleaning Simpsonville by giving us a call. This call will be answered by our sales representative team. They will greet you and run through the steps the service is provided. Our team will ask what and how many windows need to be cleaned. This helps us figure out if we need to use our deionized water fed pole. They will then pick a date that works best for you. Our team will check to see if there are any deals going on so they can help you find the most affordable price. It is so important to have someone looking out for you in this day and age.

Then comes the day of your Window Cleaning Simpsonville service. We will arrive and introduce ourselves. Our team will take a look around the house and inform you of what our course of action will be. Once we finish with our service we will take a final look around to ensure that everything is up to our high standards. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We want to help you achieve beautiful windows with lots of natural light. We hope that you have found this article to be informative. Window Cleaning Simpsonville is eager to hear from you! We can be reached online at windowninjas.com or by phone at 864-558-7758.