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If you were looking for a great window cleaning service, we know you have questions. you may even have concerns about the window cleaning Southport service you were to schedule. you can stop worrying now because that’s why we wrote this article. We want you to be informed. We also want you to relax and allow us to address any concerns that you may have. By the end of this article we hope that you likely have a better understanding of the answers to the questions concerning these services that you have had on your mind. If you would rather speak to someone over the phone and get the answers to your questions that way you can reach us at 910-538-4223. or if you’re ready to schedule a service you can reach us at and put in a service request.

What Is A Pro Window Cleaning Service?

We here at Window Ninjas clean all windows by hand and squeegee them dry during your window cleaning Southport service. This technique leaves behind a crystal clear shine that Windex will not. Windex leaves streaks that are impossible to just wipe away with a paper towel. We also use microfiber towels for your sills and excess water. And a hook towel for detailing and getting any remaining water from your windows. We include window sills in this service. But window tracks in screens are separate services.

We also have a deionized water fed pole window cleaning Southport service for your high glass. In this service all exterior windows are scrubbed and soaked down using a water fed pole and brush. This will clean more than just the glass, it also cleans the frames, sills and mullions. The process is completed with a deionized water rinse to ensure no debris, dirt or minerals are left on the glass allowing it to dry spot free. This is possible because we run the water through a four filter system that deionizes the water. It has two carbon filters, a deionization filter, and one osmosis membrane filter. When the water filters through these filters it removes all sediments in solids and cleans the water to 0 to 15 ppm. This multi thousand dollar system works great for accessibility of windows that are too high to reach or And hard to reach areas. Using the system in conjunction with our environmentally safe neutral pH soap will leave an invisible shield on your windows pulling the dirt dust and pollen like I was talking about before.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

We recommend getting your windows cleaned once a month for all businesses and quarterly for all residential properties. We can come out more often and perform a window cleaning Southport service, depending on your needs, however. We use an environmentally safe neutral pH wash and condition process. It leaves an invisible shield on your windows repelling dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates. This formula has antistatic properties which ensure that your window stays clean here longer than any other standard window cleaning solution on the market.

What Benefits Are There?

There are many benefits to getting your windows cleaned Professionally with a window cleaning Southport service, but the biggest benefit is the fact that you will get Better results with no hard work. There’s no reason to do a lot of hard work for less than perfect results and with Windex that’s exactly what you will get. We are into your results in our cleaning solution is better than any other on the market. It’s also very tiring work as you have to look around a ladder squeegee and mop. So don’t do all that hard work just to have imperfect windows.

Getting your windows cleaned professionally will also extend the life of your windows. Proper maintenance makes them last longer and look better throughout their life. Don’t you want beautiful and perfect windows in your home for as long as you live in it? I know I do! Just think about it! It even enhances your interior environment as well as allows more natural light, lowers your energy costs, and improves air quality!

Window cleaning also saves you crazy amounts of time and money! You will no longer need to rent the proper equipment or buy it which can be quite expensive. And you just also don’t always know the proper technique which will make the job take super long. Our technicians are trained in what they do, entertaining all services so they know exactly what they are doing when I step onto your property. They are very quick and efficient and make sure that everything is done to our high standards and yours and exceeds them.

Why Don’t Store Bought Window Cleaners Work?

The reason they store-bought Window Cleaning products end up often being streaky is because of the inert ingredients in them. These ingredients such as the perfumes and the guys to make them blue or whatever color they may be, are pulled to the sun kind of like a plant in front of a window. When you have a plant sitting in front of a window nine times out of 10 it will start to lean towards the Sun, these inert ingredients act the same way on your glass. This is what leaves that foggy streaky look. Our amazing window cleaning solution here at Window Ninjas is free of all those inert ingredients and allows for a perfect spot free dry, while also rappelling any dirt dust or pollen particles.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to window cleaning Southport services, we know you may have many questions. We hope that this article has made you feel well informed in your decision-making process, and has answered any questions you have. If you have further questions or would like a further explanation of our services, you can reach our sales representatives at 910-538-4223. If you are ready to schedule an appointment you can also reach us at!