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How much a window cleaning Wilmington service will cost is typically at the forefront of most consumers’ Minds when they want to have some goods and services provided to them. And for excellent reason! Most of us have a budget that we want to stick to. And we want to know if the services or goods we wish for are affordable or worth the money. So let’s talk about your window cleaning Wilmington service and how much it will cost.

A window cleaning service provider will always charge per window. This is the standard in the industry. And it makes sense because not all windows are created equally. You can expect to spend between $5 and $15 per window to clean the exterior. And if you want an interior and exterior service completed, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $50 per window! But wait! We can explain the cost differences!


Let’s start with the exterior window cleaning service. A double-hung window without any dividing panes will cost around $8 to clean. That means the exterior of the glass will be scrubbed down; squeegeed free of water. And the edges will be towel dried to create a great result. All window sills are wiped down, and if there are any screens, you can choose to have those cleaned for an additional charge or left alone.

Now the same kind of window, cleaned interior and exterior, will cost $12 to $14. And there are some variables because not all windows are created equally. Things to consider are:
If the screens come out from the inside or the outside.
When was the last time the windows were washed?
How complex are the windows to access?


There are two ways you can calculate how much it will cost to clean the windows in your home. You can always call a professional to provide you with a free quote. You can check in with our team, and we can give you pricing and do the math on your own.

An average is a good rule of thumb to calculate the number of Windows you have. Did you know that the average home in America has 10 Windows per 1000 square feet of living space? Take a walk around your house, and count your windows. Divide that number into your square footage, and you will probably have 10 Windows per 1000 ft of living space.

Why is this beneficial?

Because now, you will know exactly how many windows you have, including your doors, and you can calculate how much you can expect to spend on a window cleaning service. Because most window cleaning companies charge per window, all you have to do is calculate the types of Windows you have and multiply them by the amount of money it takes to clean the window, and you will have a price.


We can’t speak for everybody and can only speak for ourselves. The main reason why most window cleaning companies do not put prices on their website is the simple fact that they do not want their competitors to know how much they charge. But this is silly because we all charge the same! Some of us may charge $1 or $2 more per window, But you have to understand what you are getting for that extra charge. Is the company that you are looking to hire a one-person operator who never answers his phone? or is the company that you are hiring fully insured and bonded and has a little more overhead but provides better customer service?


Everybody in the window cleaning profession charges per window, and it is based on the type of window in your dwelling. We are always happy to discuss prices with you. And we are always pleased to provide you with a free quote if it is a better option. We are very transparent with our pricing, and we always explain what you receive for the price you will pay. We want to make a window cleaning Wilmington service an enjoyable experience for you. We want to ensure that you are highly educated to make the best decision for you and your household. If you have further questions, please call and let us discuss your property’s needs and how we can benefit you. Someone can reach us at 910-538-4223. And you can also request our services online at