Why Is Window Cleaning Important?

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Don’t skip out on window cleaning! Window cleaning Wilmington recommends that you get your home’s windows cleaned at least twice a year. Window cleaning has many valuable benefits. It isn’t just all about having clean and shiny windows. All though you should want to be able to have a clear view to see out of. Window cleaning is more than just that. Things such as getting rid of allergens, damage prevention, curb appeal, and improved light filtration all come to mind when we think about window cleaning. Window Ninjas have been cleaning windows of all shapes and sizes for the past thirty years. And we have seen them in all sorts of conditions. We want you to be informed of why maintaining your windows is in your best interest and how we can help you do that. This article will help you understand our business and its benefits to you. For a free quote on window cleaning give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by online at widnowninjas.com.

Window cleaning Wilmington is fully insured and bonded and we carry commercial insurance. We do both residential and commercial window cleaning. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. We strive to provide the best in customer service and the highest in quality workmanship. We have an outstanding reputation and are locally owned and operated. You can count on us to get your windows in tip top shape no matter what condition they are in.

Importance of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning prevents damage. Windows have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. That seems like a long time, but it can go by in a blink of an eye when it comes time to replace your windows. Just wait until you see what the cost of window replacement is? It is absolutely expensive! That is why we tell all of our customers to look after their windows with care. When homes are being built some of the biggest costs come in the windows. More windows means more money involved. Window types are also variable. For instance, window costs vary on shape, size, and what they are made of. Wood clad windows are the most expensive and if they have arches then those are even more expensive. Dust, dirt, mold, and mildew should all be removed so that your windows can last as long as possible before you have to spend money on window replacement. These elements cause window scratches, etching, and rot and decay of the panes, window sills, and frames.

Window cleaning is great for helping to relieve the allergens and dust that build up on the inside of your home. One of the ways in which you can get rid of more dust is to have window cleaning Wilmington provide a window cleaning service for you. Dust does indeed stick to glass, but with the use of our pH balanced window cleaning solution this can be alleviated between window cleanings to help improve life for you and your family.

Getting window cleaning done helps to improve the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Removing the dirt and dust from both sides of your windows will help warm up your home on a cold day when the sun is shiny. It will also help to improve your mood when you are feeling down and need to feel some rays of sunshine from inside your home. It is like peeling back a layer of an onion and taking away a piece of haze. Do yourself a big favor and let the light come in. Window cleaning also helps to improve the Low-E efficiency of your windows. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to skip out on window cleaning.

How Our Pros Help You

Window cleaning Wilmington will save you time and money. We will definitely get window cleaning done a lot faster than you can on your own. If you choose to have inside and outside window cleaning done then our pros will do one window at a time one on each side of the window. This will go much more smoothly and have gleamy results. Our pros will inspect your windows as they are cleaning them so that if anything is amiss then they can report this back to you. You would be amazed at what dirty windows are hiding such as broken window sills and rotten wooden frames.

Window cleaning Wilmington can help you not have an accident. Ladder climbing can be a serious health concern, especially if you are afraid of heights. Ladder use around the home in general is the number one cause of accidents. Our pros can help you clean your windows so that you don’t have to risk climbing them or trying to juggle window cleaning tools to get the job done. Leave all of that up to the pros. Ladders are also heavy and cumbersome to set up. We do this type of work all of the time so we are used to placing ladders and using our muscles to carry them around. Besides there is a technique to ladder carrying that really does not require the use of much in the way of muscle use. Lol, but our pros have all been expertly trained.


Window cleaning by our company is definitely useful and has many helpful benefits. Whether you choose to have outside or inside and outside window cleaning done, you will see a vast improvement in the way that your windows look. Keeping them clean can be a chore, but is a home maintenance requirement if you want to get the most out of your windows lifespan.

For more valuable information about our company feel free to check out our website at windowninjas.com. Window cleaning Wilmington would love to hear from you at 910-538-4223. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by.