Power Washing Richmond | Amazing Customer Service and Staff

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

When it comes to power washing services, you may not think of customer service being one of the most important things right off hand. However, each and every power washing Richmond service revolves around amazing customer service! From speaking with our sales representatives, to talking with our customer service representatives, then to actually getting the service done and meeting our technicians, it’s all about customer service in the end! We pride ourselves in our customer service oriented teams and efforts, and hope that you will choose us to be your one trusted company for all your power washing, window cleaning , gutter cleaning and other needs! You can reach us at 804-256-3221 or on our wonderful website at windowninjas.com for all your power washing needs!

Every quality power washing Richmond service starts with the first phone call you have with our sales representatives, either when you call in or when we call you from an online service request form found on our website. Our sales team has great customer service and are ready to answer any questions that you may have when scheduling your appointment. They can talk you through the quick and easy process while getting all the information that they need to schedule your appointment on a day and time that is right for you.They will also help you find the best deals on multiple services!

The next people who will reach out are our customer service representatives with a reminder email two days before your service! But don’t worry if you miss that because they will also give you a phone call the day before to remind you as well! We will leave a voicemail for you if you are busy and unavailable to speak with us at that time.

The next step is the wonderful power washing Richmond service itself! This is when you will meet our lovely technicians and get the service completed! They will ensure to walk the property with you before and after your services, and if you are not there, we can send you pictures! Then they get to work! We have four main power washing services, including our classic building or house washing, our roof washing, our high-pressure concrete washing, and a pressure treated wood washing service! 

We have the most friendly and customer service oriented technicians around! They are very personable and easy to talk to, so don’t worry if you have anxiety like me. They make it quite easy to get your job done and you don’t have to worry about anything!

Lastly, you will receive a thank you call from our wonderful customer service representatives the day after the service to make sure the power washing Richmond service went well for you. We do this not only to ensure that everything went well, but also to make sure that we can run your credit card as we will not run any credit cards after the thank you call is complete! 

We are very big on saving customers time and money as our service technicians are true professionals, and they can complete services in a timely manner. We know that you would probably spend twice as much time trying to do it yourself than we would doing it for you. We also know that you have more important things to spend your time on like work, spending time with family and friends, reading a book, or anything else that you really need to do in life. We also already have all the professional equipment On hand and equipment can be very costly to buy or rent. The equipment you buy also may not be as good as ours and you can spend your time making money rather than washing windows or cleaning your gutters or whatever other service it might be.

We understand that you have high standards and so do we. We always try to be the best that we can match and exceed your standards. We want to ensure that we always reach 100% satisfaction guarantee and if we do not we do have a 30 day warranty on all of our services. We will come back out and fix any issues that you may have free of charge for you.

We are very big on safety here at Window Ninjas and our experience ensures that we are safe and what we do. Doing this work can be quite dangerous for you, especially ladder work, which is a safety hazard without a partner to help. We also have insurance to cover us for our work and Worker’s Compensation. If you happen to get hurt while doing these jobs you’re probably gonna end up paying more out of pocket to the hospital then our employees would.

Ensuring our customers are happy is one of our number one concerns! We want to make sure that you are fully pleased with any service that we provide you. We are in the business of serving not only people, but our neighbors, family, and friends! We treat all customers like family and do our best to ensure you get the best deal and the best service you could ever imagine! 

We have amazing reviews in basically every location and we believe that reviews are the best way to tell what working with the company is like. You will get to see the experiences of others and how we deal with any criticism or complaints that we may have. We will always make decisions for our company based on the experiences of our customers.

Now that you have all the necessary information, we hope that you choose us to be your one trusted company for all of your power washing needs! We cannot wait to service you and leave you home shining like you’ve never seen before! We will ensure you get the best customer service out there while we do so as well! You can reach us at 804-256-3221 or on our wonderful website at windowninjas.com for all your power washing Richmond needs!