Have you ever thought about which superhero is the best? You may have argued with friends in your school days whether The Flash could beat Superman in a race or if Batman could outsmart Iron Man. No matter which side you advocate for, I’m sure that when it comes to who is the strongest superhero, one name pops into your head: The Incredible Hulk.

This green goliath is known for his immense physical strength, and he can stand toe-to-toe with any member of the Avengers. However, would you send the Hulk in to handle a tactical mission? Obviously not! In the same vein, using a high-pressure washing setting can result in your windows getting smashed.

When it comes to cleaning your home, it’s about more than just using the most powerful tools available. Sometimes going for overpowered equipment can end up causing damage to your property’s windows, gutters, and siding. So let’s remember – with great power washing comes great responsibility… especially when it comes to window cleaning!

In our latest blog post, we’re tackling the art of proper window cleaning. From finding the right tools to getting a thorough clean, we’ll cover everything you need to know about keeping your windows crystal clear. And if you’re considering investing in a power washing service, we’ll also give you some key tips to remember before you start.

So whether you’re a seasoned cleaning pro or just getting started, join us as we explore the best practices for cleaning your home’s windows – and discover how easy it can be to get that perfect, streak-free shine. Have you decided that you will risk pressure washing your windows? If so, read on and allow us to guide you through the process of power washing your windows!


What Is Power Washing?

Power washing may sound like something straight out of a summer blockbuster, but it’s an essential technique to help you achieve a spotless property. Power washing is a process that uses highly-pressurized, heated water spray to clean harsh filth, grime, mud, gunk, and even loose paint from concrete surfaces, buildings, and vehicles. The force required for these demanding jobs is immense. Most power washers can generate a range of 750 to 30,000 PSI to clean even the toughest of rough surfaces.

Knowing how much PSI you need to clean a particular surface is essential. After all, you don’t want to damage the quality of your home’s siding or strip the paint off your car. That’s why it’s vital to use the appropriate PSI level to protect your property while still achieving a thorough clean from top to bottom.

Remember that there is a difference between power and pressure washing. The most upfront difference between the methods is the temperature of water used during the cleaning. Pressure washers use cool water when cleaning your property. Power washers, however, utilize hot water when in use. So if you need to get your home washed when the temperature dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you must enlist a power washing service.

So what is the ideal PSI to use on your home’s windows? With such a wide range of levels, it can be tempting to utilize a higher PSI when giving your windows a power washing service. Going full throttle with 30,000 PSI can undoubtedly provide a thorough clean, but the power washer would shatter the glass.

That is why using the appropriate power level is vital to power wash your home’s windows. You can easily damage your windows and sills if the PSI is too high. Your pressure washer should stay within a range of 1,500 to 2,000 PSI. We recommend staying on the lower end to avoid cracking or damaging your windows and sills.

So keep the PSI in check, avoid using an overpowered spray, and you can give your home’s windows a perfect shine!

Choose Right Nozzle Tip

Now that you understand PSI levels, how can you best utilize this great power to wash your windows? The answer comes in the form of a nozzle tip.

Have you ever held your thumb over your garden hose? You have seen firsthand the velocity of water shooting out will change depending on how firmly you press against the opening. In this scenario, your thumb acts as a nozzle tip for your hose and directs the stream of water.

Pressure washers come with various nozzles you can add to the wand’s tip. You can select a unique tip to tackle the specific job best. More concentrated nozzle tips, like the 0-degree red nozzle, are designed to blast away dirt and grime from sturdy surfaces like concrete and vinyl. Power washing fragile surfaces, like your windows, with this powerful nozzle can result in significant damage.

So which nozzles should you use to clean your windows? First, check your power washing machine’s manual, and review each nozzle in detail. Ideally, you will need to use the most comprehensive spray available. The white tip has the widest angle spray on a typical pressure washer. At 40 degrees, the white spray tip will thoroughly wash your windows and avoid potential damage to the windows and sills.

We here at Window Ninjas have a whole team of well-trained professionals with the experience to give your window the perfect shine! We recommend utilizing our pressure washing services to avoid any guesswork you may have when power washing your windows.

If you have any questions about your power washer or are uncertain about your specific pressure washing job, feel free to contact us! Our dedicated team of experts is ready to answer any of your pressure-washing questions. Contact the window cleaning experts today!

What Soap To Use

What is the first thing you think of when you read the phrase ‘window cleaning’? Odds are, you thought about Windex. Windex has become as synonymous with glass cleaning as Kleenex is with tissues. While a great option for your home’s mirror, there may be better options than the iconic glass cleaner for your home’s windows. 

Using the right cleaning solution is so important when washing your windows. Plenty of soaps and sprays will not get the job done. Even worse, using the wrong cleaning solution can cause damage to your home’s exterior or surrounding plant life.

So what cleaners should you avoid using in your home? Please avoid window cleaners with ammonia, phthalates, or glycol ether as part of their ingredients. These cleaners are harmful to your lawn and can damage your property. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions will not have any of these ingredients. 

When selecting soap for your window, take your time to go over the ingredients in the cleaning solution. Be aware of what is in the cleaner, and protect your home from hazardous chemicals.

Putting It All Together

Now that we have gone over the key components of a power washer, let’s go over the step-by-step process of giving your windows an amazing shine!

First, attach the white spray tip to the power washer. Remember, this attachment is the least concentrated option with its wide angle. Once connected, stand at least three feet away from the siding and windows of your home. The still-powerful spray will help you avoid damaging your home while thoroughly removing debris and dirt from the glass.

While washing, always start from the top, and work your way downward. You will guarantee a thorough rinse and ensure you use as little water as needed.

After thoroughly soaking the windows, attach the soap nozzle to the power washer. Once again, be sure the window cleaning solution you are using does not include the harmful chemicals mentioned above to protect you and your home from harm.

Finally, after your windows are nice and bubbly, swap the white tip nozzle back on your power wash, and repeat the first step. Keep a close look, and spray each window from a safe distance. Once you have washed off all the bubbles on your windows, you can turn off the power washer and take in the sight of your sparkling-clean windows!

Is This Too Intimidating?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all this information? That is understandable! Power washing your windows involves a lot of specific perimeters to ensure a detailed clean while preserving the integrity of your windows.

Are you looking for a less intimidating window cleaning method? We here at Window Ninjas recommend utilizing a soft wash! 

Soft washing utilizes low-pressure water flow to wash surfaces around your home or property gently. This approach is ideal for removing natural material, like mold and mildew, from fragile surfaces like your roof, wood deck, or windows.

With its gentle approach, soft washing is ideal for those who feel power washing is too aggressive. Remember that the lack of strength with soft washing will require more elbow grease to get a thorough cleaning that comes with pressure washing windows.

Closing Thoughts

Not every superhero will be suitable for every crisis. Spider-Man has many incredible powers, but would he be your first pick to stop a galactic threat? Likewise, is Thor the right choice to use a power washer?

Knowing which great power to use is critical when you need to get the job done right. Using a power washer with a 0-degree nozzle tip on your windows is like using a sledgehammer on a frame hook in your home. Know which pressure washing tools to utilize, and get the job done correctly the first time.

We here at Window Ninjas are passionate about giving your property the perfect shine! Our highly trained technicians strive to give your home a thorough cleaning that will meet your highest standards. You can think of us as your team of window-cleaning superheroes!

Why wait? Call us today at 1-833-646-5271, or visit our website at windowninjas.com to schedule a consultation. Let us swoop in and save your day!