How do you feel when you see rain clouds rolling into town? Do you feel relieved knowing you have the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book for the afternoon? Or does a sensation of stress creep down your spine, as you had planned to take care of all those outdoor chores you meant to do all week?

Rain can make or ruin plenty of plans. Whether you are an outdoorsman or homebody, impacting your weekend for the best or worst with a steady downpour.

But how does weather affect pressure washing services? Can you keep your scheduled service appointments when the weather is less than ideal?

That’s what today’s blog post is all about! Today, we are talking all about the one factor we here at Window Ninja don’t (currently) have complete control over inclement weather. We will discuss what specific conditions you can pressure wash your home, which types of weather to avoid, and if there are any benefits to pressure washing in the rain.

Think you can weather this storm of information packed in this post? Then read on, and explore more about weather and pressure washing!

The Ideal Conditions For Pressure Washing

Let’s start by answering the most pressing question: What are the ideal weather conditions for pressure washing?

The answer to this question may not be surprising. You likely assumed the answer before even clicking on this blog post. But to back up your assumption, let’s review the ideal pressure washing conditions in detail!

When setting up a professional pressure washing service, remember the time of year for your location. We here at Window Ninjas recommend seeking a pressure washing service between March and November. Sticking with the warmer months between Spring and Autumn is optimal for washing your home’s exterior.

Depending on where you live, the average temperatures may fluctuate compared to other regions. For example, December temperatures will likely be higher in Miami, FL, than in Boise, ID. Research your area’s average temperatures to plan a future pressure washing service.

The ideal temperature for a thorough cleaning ranges from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This range of temperatures will ensure the pressure washing machine will run at its optimum level without worrying about overheating issues. Staying above 50 degrees is critical, as servicing your property at near-freezing temperatures can cause the water to ice over your home, damaging its exterior.

Regarding inclement weather conditions, you should aim for a bright and sunny day for your service appointment. The warm sun will help dry off your property much quicker than any other type of weather. 

Utilizing warm, sunny weather is vital for a pressure washing service to complete specific tasks. You can ask any house painter; the right weather conditions make a huge difference! 

Painters will use a pressure washing service to clean a house’s exterior before painting or priming. When painting your home, a primer coat must dry completely for at least 24 hours. In total, painters need at least five completely dry days to paint a house, and having the backing of a warm sun will allow them to get to work quicker than any other condition.

So look out for warm, sunny days when scheduling your future pressure washing service, and your home will have an ideal shine in no time!

The Worst Time to Pressure Wash

Now that we have discussed the best time to service your home, let’s review the weather conditions you want to avoid. If any weather conditions impact your scheduled appointment, you will be wise to take the initiative and reschedule your pressure washing service.

Heavy Downpours

While pressure washers pack a powerful punch that will give your home a terrific clean, they are no match for Mother Nature’s take on this service!

All types of rain are inconvenient for professional pressure washers, but a torrential downpour is more than that. The immense power of this level of rain makes it impossible to ensure your home can get the thorough clean it deserves.

Thankfully, these heavy rainfalls may only last for a few minutes at a time. If the rain clouds blow over quickly enough, your scheduled appointments may only experience a minor inconvenience.

However, you should reschedule your appointment in certain conditions involving sustained heavy rain, like a hurricane or tropical storm.


When you hear that first clap of thunder, you need to check the weather report for your area as you get to someplace safe. Doing any outdoor activity is dangerous when lightning is in your area.

These precautions need to be taken for pressure washing services. When professional technicians notice severe weather, they will secure their equipment safely and stay in their truck until the conditions have cleared.

Much like a torrential downpour, there is a chance these storms will blow over quickly, and your appointment will only experience a slight setback before the cleaning resumes.


Possibly the most dangerous weather condition, the threat of a sudden tornado warning impacts all outdoor activities. The moment a broadcast announces a tornado in the area, seek shelter until the warning expires.

Like their approach to thunderstorms, trained pressure washing professionals will seek shelter during these conditions. Service can proceed if the warning subsides quickly and no damage to your home or the professional’s equipment has occurred.

Freezing Rain

With the temperatures needed to reach this type of weather phenomenon, you must reschedule your professional pressure washing service appointment.

Instead, we recommend enlisting a power washing service. Power washers use heated water to thoroughly clean properties, which allows them to wash homes when temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, power washers may be unable to ensure a thorough cleaning when there is frigid precipitation. We suggest waiting for these conditions to clear up before using a power or pressure washing service.

Extreme Heat

When was the last time you stepped outside into triple-digit heat? The sudden, unpleasant wave of hot air can make you run for the nearest swimming pool or air conditioning unit to cool off immediately. Now ask yourself this: Could you work on your home or yard for an extended time in this climate?

In the inverse of frosty conditions, pressure washing in high temperatures can negatively impact the equipment and technicians. Working in sustained heat exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerous for pressure washing professionals. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are just a couple of possible dangers of prolonged exposure to hot working conditions.

To a lesser point, the pressure washing equipment is more likely to overheat when temperatures creep closer to triple digits. We here at Window Ninjas recommend scheduling your next pressure washing appointment when the heat is safer for our team and gear, and we will be able to give your property a clean, fresh look!

Acceptable Weather Conditions

While there are plenty of weather conditions you need to avoid when setting up a pressure washing appointment, there are a handful of situations where you can utilize this service. Power washing has a few benefits in less-than-ideal conditions, depending on the job you need to be done!


Cloudy weather blocks out the best resource to ensure your home will dry quickly from a pressure washing service. However, pressure washing with overcast conditions has a beneficial side effect.

With the sun obscured, the glare from the sunshine is limited. Limited sunlight will allow pressure washing professionals to look at your property with clear vision perfectly. Overcast conditions are preferred for technicians, as there is no need to squint or wear dampening sunglasses, and it allows a thorough service!

If you want to evaporate the moisture from your home as soon as possible, wait for an idyllic sunny day to give your home a pressure washing.

Light Rain

While light rain may not seem like a good condition to pressure wash your home, this weather has some benefits. Professionals can enjoy the benefits of overcast conditions and the refreshing, cooling sprinkle.

In addition, your home can experience a bonus advantage with light rain. The rainfall gives the cleaning solution from a pressure washer a chance to stay on your property’s exterior. If you have stubborn grime or mildew, allowing the detergent to soak your siding will help fight off the built-up dirt and give your home a comprehensive clean!

Closing Thoughts

So, can you only pressure wash your property in warm and sunny conditions? While ideal, you can take advantage of select types of weather. Avoid severe weather conditions when possible, but you can enjoy light rain and cloudy days!

When you’re ready to give your home a shine, reach out to Window Ninjas! Our team of professional pressure washing technicians is prepared and able to use their experience and skills to give you the best service possible!

Give us a call today! Contact Window Ninjas at 1-833-646-5271, or visit our website at, and we will give your home a perfect clean, rain or shine!