Has your home or office building recently undergone construction? Have you moved into a brand new build, or a recently renovated project? If so, it’s likely that you have created some form of a checklist to keep track of the various tasks you needed to complete before moving in. Checklists are an excellent tool for staying organized, prioritizing your workload, and providing a sense of accomplishment with each completed item. Now that your construction project is complete, you may no longer see the need for one of these lists. 

However, it’s vitally important that you survey the construction site in great detail once all work has been completed, as chances are, it will be in dire need of a deep cleaning. The carnage left behind after a construction site can often become overwhelming when you consider all that still needs to be done. This is where your post construction checklist comes in handy! 

While certain tasks may appear obvious, such as vacuuming all the debris from the carpets or dusting all of the new fixtures, exterior maintenance can be slightly more complicated. You may notice that paint stains or caulk have been left behind on the glass of your windows. Or you may notice an influx of dirt and debris on your newly paved driveway. Instead of panicking at the thought of scrubbing these services for hours on end, just add these tasks to your post construction checklist and give the Window Ninjas a call to help you cross them out. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can save you both time and money and complete these tasks in a professional manner. 


Put The Windex Away For This One


We are all very familiar with the enticing blue color of Windex, and its refreshing lemony scent that emanates from the bottle with every pull of the trigger. However, Windex is not going to assist you in removing hard stains such as built up dirt, caulk, and paint left behind after construction is completed.

 In fact, Windex is not a favorable choice for any form of window cleaning, as it actually leaves behind streaks and smudges due to the chemicals and dyes that are used skillfully to draw you into buying the product. As you tirelessly scrub away at your windows, you will find that you are only leaving behind a bigger mess and wasting your time in the process.

Why not consider a professional company to handle this task for you? Window Ninjas can easily take over this item on your checklist, and remove these tough to scrub stains with ease. We use a proprietary formula that contains a specially balanced pH solution created specifically to remove any substance from your glass, without leaving behind any streaks, smudges, or stains. This formula is environmentally friendly, and incredibly effective in producing results that are not only impressive, but that are meant to last. 

In addition, our cleaning solution contains antistatic properties that will leave behind an invisible shield on your windows, and protect them for many months to come. This invisible shield helps to further repel dirt, dist, pollen, mold, mildew, and other pollutants from adhering to your window glass. Not only can we successfully remove all of the post construction mess from your glass, but we can also protect it for an extended length of time to save you money on future costs. 


What About Those Windows Way Up There?

You may be concerned about those tall second or third story windows that have also suffered as a result of your new construction. While you could try to climb the old rickety ladder that has only been collecting dust in your garage, we do not recommend attempting this dangerous feat on your own. We have already discussed the shortcomings of Windex, and trying to scrape or remove caulk, pain, or debris from your windows can lead to damage of the glass if not done properly. 

Not to mention, there are always great risks associated with the utilization of ladders. Every year in the United States alone, more than 100 people die as a result of a ladder injury, and we do not want you to become one of these fatal statistics. A professional company such as ours is a better alternative to attempting this dangerous feat on your own. Even though all of our technicians are properly insured and bonded with worker’s compensation in the event of an injury, we also avoid the use of ladders to minimize the chance of these disasters if possible. 

Instead, our team uses a deionized water fed pole that is able to reach those tall and hard to clean windows with ease. The utilization of this machinery in combination with our pH balanced solution creates a combination that no amount of construction debris could withstand. It also highly reduces the risk of injury or death involved, while producing the same high quality results. 


Not The Newly Paved Driveway!

Construction crews are infamous for leaving behind a graveyard of disaster once their job is complete. Unfortunately, this does not just pertain exclusively to the interior of the site, and can affect the exterior as well. While our name suggests our professional window cleaning ability, have you considered the additional services we offer at an affordable rate to assist you in your post construction checklist projects? In particular, our pressure washing services can be a great help at removing any of the construction debris from the siding of your home, your porch/deck, your roof, and even your driveway!

We all know the feeling of finally accomplishing something on our checklist, just to have someone come around and ruin it so that it needs to be completed once more. If you recently had your driveway paved before beginning construction, it’s likely that the variety of foot traffic and heavy duty machinery may have left your once pristine pavement looking a little lackluster. Allow our professionals to take care of this task for you with our pressure washing services. 

Now that your renovation or new construction is completed, it’s likely that you will want to  show it off to all of your friends and neighbors! The first impression they will likely have of your new project will be the driveway, and we do not want to ruin their perception by leaving it dirty and stained from the construction crews. 

If you are seeking professional level assistance for this project, then our team is here to lend a helping hand and admonish these stains from your sight!Our team at Window Ninjas can provide you with a high pressure chemical wash that will penetrate deep underneath the service to remove any lingering dirt, debris, or dust that has infiltrated your newly paved asphalt. These chemicals are able to effortlessly penetrate porous surfaces, and help maintain the longevity of your driveway. Once this is completed,the surface will be rinsed once more to remove any remaining particles and restore the shine to your driveway once more. 


No Dirt and Grime Left Behind

If you require additional help with your post construction project, or are seeking some advice and tips on how to navigate your checklist, then Window Ninjas is here to help. We offer pressure washing services for the exterior of your building, porch, and roof, and are happy to complete these cleaning services in the same day as your driveway! We utilize different techniques for each of these unique services, to ensure we provide you with the safest and most effective cleaning possible. 

While stains on your treated wood surfaces such as your porch or deck may be easy to overlook, they can become a large eyesore when you are entertaining. Now that your driveway has its sparkle back, why frighten your guests with a dirty and grotesque porch? 

Our easy and successful two step cleaning process can quickly remove any of those dirt, mud, and paint stains that have been left behind. In addition, we also treat the wood with a specialized sealant and protectant to help increase its lifespan. You can finally relax knowing the vision of your finalized project has been brought to life, and your exterior surfaces are sparkling like never before. 


Finalize The Checklist

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations on your bravery of undertaking the challenge of a post construction checklist! Undergoing a construction project of any kind is a daunting task that is sure to cause headaches and frustration at one point or another. Here at the Window Ninjas, we want to assist you in alleviating any of the built up stress and anxiety from your new endeavor. 

Whether it’s a brand new office building where you’ll be beginning a new career, a new home for your growing family, or renovations to a current home to help accommodate your ever changing lifestyle, a new construction project is something that should evoke excitement and joy. We are here to help maintain your happiness, by assisting in any post construction exterior maintenance that you need. 

Allow our team of certified professionals to help you gain your sense of accomplishment back by crossing off multiple items on your post construction checklist. In just one simple phone call, you will save both time and money that can be allocated to other aspects of your daily life, and to enjoying your new build. Give our team a call today at 1-833-646-5271, or visit our website at windowninjas.com