Wilmington NC Sidewalk Pressure Washing | Shimmy on the Sidewalk

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We owe a lot to sidewalks, they’ve been keeping us off the street for years! Corny jokes are always a great start, right? But really, sidewalks are a vital part of any home and add a lot of detail to your property. Have you neglected your sidewalks for a tad too long and now they’re looking more like dirt paths leading to nowhere good? Well don’t worry, you haven’t yet crossed the point of no return. Let’s get those sad walkways of yours back in tip top shape so that you can get ready to shimmy on the sidewalk! Window Ninjas has the perfect Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing service for your property. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 910-538-4223 to get your sidewalks the help they so desperately need! You can also go online to www.windowninjas.com to find out a little more about our company and the variety of services that we offer!

Sidewalks are made most commonly made out of concrete, which is a porous material that, unfortunately, absorbs a lot of the dirt and grime that lands on it. When this type of concrete gets wet, it becomes very susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Not to mention, the hot and humid climate like what we have here in Wilmington NC makes mold and mildew growth an even more common occurrence. This is what is causing the uneven, streaky appearance on your sidewalk. There is only one way to completely eliminate this disaster, and that is to kill the bacteria at its root. Now this can’t be done by simply giving your sidewalk a nice rinse. It may remove some of the dirt from the surface layer of your sidewalk, but the issue will remain and the stains will reappear in just a matter of time. Window Ninjas offers a Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing service that will completely knock out any mold, mildew, algae, lichen, or fungus growth, while also making your concrete sparkle and shine! Window Ninjas Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing service is a two for one, providing you with a spotless sidewalk and preventing the return of those pesky bacteria that just don’t seem to ever want to go away.

To clean your soon to be beautiful sidewalk, Window Ninjas will utilize a high pressure chemical wash. High pressure is used on concrete or other hard surfaces and is entirely safe and effective at killing and removing any dirt and grime. The chemical solution that we utilize, in combination with the high pressure, sees to it that all of the gunk lying deep within your concrete is completely eliminated. You may even have other concrete surfaces that you would like to have pressure washed, such as your driveway, your patio, or your pool deck. Not a problem! Window Ninjas can do it all! Just pick up the phone and give us a ring!

How many times have you picked up the phone or paid a visit to one of your favorite stores just to be let down by the negative attitude of an employee working there? You will never have to worry about encountering such a situation with Window Ninjas. Window Ninjas employees are friendly, upbeat, and a pleasure to work with. Whether over the phone or in person, you can always expect to be met with someone that will lift your mood and provide you with a wonderful customer service experience. The friendliness, professionalism, and work ethic at Window Ninjas cannot be matched. We pride ourselves in our determination and ability to exceed the expectations of each of our customers, providing them with a service experience like no other. In fact, by making this a regular habit, we have accumulated a multitude of lovely reviews complimenting us on our customer service and window and pressure cleaning work. Hop on over to www.windowninjas.com to read some of the kind words left by our wonderful customers. A quick web search of Window Ninjas will pull up dozens of customer reviews and testimonials that will provide you with even more proof of how great our window and pressure cleaning services truly are.

Window Ninjas will take care of your property like the prized possession that it is. Your home will sparkle and shine like it never has before. Our goal is to leave you with a property that makes you say WOW! Window Ninjas is the place to go when you are looking for a superior service that will leave you overwhelmed with excitement and satisfaction. Everyone around you will take one glance at your home and want in on the excellent service too! You’ll have people from all around complimenting you on how incredible and clean your freshly washed home looks. Window Ninjas is the right Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing company to call because we put everything into our service. We aren’t interested in providing a “meh” service that is just merely going to get the job done. Here at Window Ninjas, we put  200% of our effort into cleaning your home so that you can enjoy your property and we can enjoy the satisfaction of having completed a job well done! Window Ninjas is making a positive impact on the lives of property owners one home and business at a time! Let us knock one more thing off of your to-do list by helping you out with your dirty work!

When you are ready to finally be able to shimmy on your sidewalk again, Window Ninjas is just a phone call away. Say thank you to your sidewalk for all of the years that it has kept you off of the streets by treating it to a top notch Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing service. When Window Ninjas pulls up to your property, your sidewalk will be thanking the high heavens. Scheduling with Window Ninjas is a breeze. Do your sidewalk a favor, and the rest of your property too, by calling the experts at Window Ninjas at 910-538-4223 for your Wilmington NC sidewalk pressure washing service. If you would rather send us a service request online then you can head over to www.windowninjas.com, where you’ll be provided instant access to an online submission forum that will be sent straight to one of our scheduling coordinators.