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Wilmington’s Chimney Sweeping Experts

Want to make sure your chimney is as safe & clean as it is inviting in Wilmington, NC? Let Window Ninjas be your simple solution!

The crisp, cool days of Autumn make cozy evenings in front of the fireplace irresistible. Make sure your fireplace is as safe as it is inviting! A chimney free from debris allows you to enjoy your fireplace without the worry. Having your chimney swept once or twice a year improves the quality of air in your home, and also removes creosote and other harmful debris. Routine chimney inspections and cleanings help prevent fires that result from creosote buildup, and saves money on repairs as well.

Window Ninjas’ chimney sweeping process involves inspecting your chimney, fireplace and vents for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. We take into consideration that if you don’t use your chimney often animals may build nests in the flue, or there may be other deterioration factors that could possibly make the chimney unsafe to use. Window Ninjas’ trained, professional staff can help keep your chimney clean and your family safe!

In addition to Chimney Sweeping, we also offer the following services in the Wilmington, NC Area: