Window Cleaning Jacksonville | The Tools To Get The Job Done Right

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What tools do you need to do a window cleaning?

If you search for the answer to that question on Google, your answer will be this: “A squeegee, a sponge, a five-gallon bucket, dish soap, lint-free towels, a ladder, and possibly a ladder stabilizer.” And that’s just the simple answer.

Now, some of that stuff you may already have on hand. But do you know how to correctly squeegee your windows so that you don’t get streaks or left behind water marks? You may be thinking “it can’t be that hard.” I can tell you for a fact that I have seen our owner, Gabe Salinas (aka the world’s best window cleaner) showing our new technicians the correct way to squeegee a window so that it doesn’t leave anything behind. He has over 30 years of experience in this industry that he passes along to every team member we have. So I’ll ask you again, do you know how to properly squeegee a window to produce a spot free shine? No? Then leave your window cleaning Jacksonville service to the professionals.

Do you really want to go out to multiple stores to find all of the stuff you actually need? There are window cleaning kits available as well, but for $300+. And that doesn’t even include the proper solution for your windows! I’m sorry, but that seems like a whole lot of money to me, for possibly streaky or spotty windows afterwards.

Not to mention, do you actually have the time to clean your windows on your own?Most of us work full-time jobs, multiple jobs, have children, or are retired and don’t need to be climbing ladders to reach second or third story windows. I know personally right now I am trying to plan a birthday party for my 4 year old with his 14 classmates and of course their parents. It’s taking the majority of my spare time to find the right place to rent that is big enough to fit all of those people, because my house is not big enough for at least 30 more people. Not to mention I have to get all the decorations, food, birthday presents, drinks, and everything else that goes into planning a birthday party for a preschooler and all of his classmates. I just don’t have the kind of time, but my windows are filthy and I know they need some tlc.

Most people just don’t have the kind of time in their day to go through and clean all of their windows by hand. Can you imagine how long it would take you to go through and clean each and every one of your windows from the inside and the outside, from top to bottom, on every floor of your home? If you’re thinking that sounds like a nightmare, then you need window Ninjas for your window cleaning Jacksonville service. skip all of the time, frustration, and the defeated feeling you will get when your windows come out looking awful afterwards.

All you have to do is give window ninjas a call today to schedule your window cleaning Jacksonville service. scheduling your appointment only takes a couple minutes out of your day, even if you are a new customer to our team. at Max you’re going to spend 10 minutes on the phone with one of our sales team members, and that’s if you have a lot of questions. Most of our customers are scheduled in 5 minutes or less. and that’s not because we’re rushing to get you off the phone. That’s because our team has figured out the best process to get all of your information, get your appointment scheduled, and help answer any questions or concerns you have.

After you schedule your appointment, our team handles everything else. We provide a reminder call the day before your service to ensure you are aware of exactly when our team is coming out to your property. The reminders also give you a chance to let our team know if there is anything specific about your property, any specific concerns you want to address with the technicians, or even something simple like your dogs are going to be barking their head off inside while our technicians are cleaning your outside windows.

Then our extensively trained technicians will get out to your property to complete your window cleaning Jacksonville service. Our team uses an environmentally friendly, neutral ph, wash and condition process that leaves an invisible shield on your windows. Our unique formula has anti-static properties that repel dust, dirt, pollen, and even oils from fingerprints. so when you choose our team for your window cleaning needs, you are ensuring that your windows will stay cleaner for longer. Guess what? Our team also comes equipped with all the right tools to get your windows WOW-ing again!

Our team can clean just the outside of your windows, just the inside of your windows, or both for your window cleaning Jacksonville services! We offer screen cleaning services, track cleaning services, blind dusting services, as well as several other residential exterior cleaning services like pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning. Just give us a call today to schedule your services at 910-745-7886 or visit our website at